TV that didn’t make me scream

Ranking things gives me a peculiar sense of joyous authority. Reading other ‘Top Ten’ lists keeps the contrarian in me well-fed and sharp, and I value and admire the critic’s ability to distill a year’s worth of television, film, music, books, into a concrete list.

This year, however, Emily Nussbaum’s not a top ten list, and her general approach to television, has inspired me to ditch the ranking. This year has been a bullet-point kind of year, the kind where my tastes reflected my dwindling tolerance for anything reflective of the current moment, because the current moment is already a dark comedy.

This round-up is a bit…strange. Because I subsist on streaming channels, I sometimes relied on television reviews, particularly in the case of one show that, on second thought, I prefer to read about rather than watch. It’s also not strictly a gathering of shows that aired in 2017. And some of the shows are Korean dramas. It was that kind of trip.

  • Dirk Gently’s Holistic Agency: kooky and weird and easy to get lost in the interconnectedness of everything.

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